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Business Overview

There has never been more change … more market transitions … Its happening at the very same time.

Industries are being disrupted and companies are under incredible pressure to digitally transform. Digital disruption is pervasive and is impacting all industry verticals and businesses. Laying down the value of SaaS in today’s economy is impossible to overstate. Organizations need to be able to pivot to meet shifting customer requirements.

We at SHYAMASOFT build SaaS engagement platforms to revolutionize business operations that help our customers drive operational efficiency and business growth.

We start by understanding your business through discovery workshops and identify ways to delight your end customers by leveraging advancement in SAAS offerings that can help you maximize revenue opportunities.

Looking Ahead

Business Schools taught us that companies can differentiate and sustain profitability in two ways: offer either low costs or a premium experience, but not both. In the new digital economy, this rule no longer applies. The best disruptors can deliver more than one source of value.

They combine them to maximize the value they bring to customers, their own growth potential and the threat they pose to incumbents across industries. It’s not just the customer needs that are changing; technology innovations are coming at light speed and SaaS provides organizations with the mobile-first, cloud-focused mindset that allows businesses to think big and enables technology teams to create solutions that scale.

What benefits can SaaS bring to Digital Transformation?

  • Cost Structure

    SaaS empowers organizations with the flexibility to pay for advanced technology from their operating budgets thus improving the chances to get transformative projects approved.

  • Equal Opportunity

    Enterprise-scale applications were reserved for enterprise-scale budgets to fund them. Cloud-based software delivery now allows smaller organizations to compete with Large fish tanks. As the cost of data storage continues to decrease, SaaS becomes the biggest democratizer in business today by providing massive opportunities for growth to all sizes of organizations.

  • Agile Business

    The flexibility of making a quick shift in strategy and making a pivot to changing market needs is something that isn’t easy with traditional software models and could include an upward time investment of 12-18 months of scoping, contract negotiation, and finally buildout. With SaaS, new out-of-the-box features can be turned on quickly and configured, promising a reduced time to market and faster ROI.

  • Scalable

    SaaS provides organizations with the ability to start small with smaller budgets, and quickly scale with few clicks. SaaS enables technology teams and business users to focus on the functionality and value of the platform which was nearly impossible to structure with traditional software builds.

  • New Business Models & Customer Stickiness

    SaaS allows organizations to fundamentally improve overall operations by expanding the pace of innovation and future-proofing IT investments.